Thursday, November 1, 2012


Dear Temple,
I hope this note finds you well and happy. Goodbye to October. Guess we'll see it again next year. Mayans be darned! That whole Mayan calender thing isn't really going to be the end of things, Temple. It's kind of the same thing you do when your yearly calender runs out. You start the year over. We all don't explode after December 31st do we? No.
Anyway, I bought a van. I actually really like it. The kids have space. It rides well. It's practical. That's really all I have to say about it. It could probably use some flames or a big skull or something. We'll have to look at decals when you're up for Thanksgiving.
I had trouble sleeping last night so I got up and played Elijah's Lego Star Wars Wii game for about five hours or so. It was a good time killer, but I don't recall having a lot of fun while playing. I unlocked all the characters for him and beat a bunch of levels, so he's happy. I don't know why I couldn't sleep last night. I just couldn't - so I got up. Your Aunt Crystal said I should just roll over and go back to sleep. That's just crazy talk.
Crystal got Elijah a Star Wars Lego set as a present from her trip. He saw the box at around 5:45 this morning so he got up early too. Your Aunt Crystal said that she can't leave anymore because all the boys in the house develop weird sleep patterns. I disagree. We are men of the night. Not exactly all night - you have to sleep sometimes. We are men of the day and odd times of the night depending on current circumstances or Star Wars sleep disruptions. That's better.
Star Wars always makes me think of Ronald Reagan. Ask your Grandpa about that.
Elijah's pumpkin survived Halloween without being busted by delinquents. He's very happy about that. He guesses it's because he made the face upside down this year so the kids thought it was already messed with. Maybe he's right. We must have some pretty dumb delinquents around here.
Tonight I'm going to work on our new son's room. It's going to have a pirate theme. I've obtained a world map that I've cut up and burned to make it look old. I'm framing the pieces now. We've got a Thomas Tew pirate flag, pirate toys, a pirate ship wall decal, and some photos of Somali teenagers in rafts (just kidding) If the kid likes pirates, he's in for a treat. If not? Oh, well. He's just going to have to deal.
I love you much and miss you always,
                          Uncle Justin

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