Saturday, November 3, 2012


Dear Temple,
You should have gone to bed by now. Maybe you're up. I don't know. It is Saturday after all. Maybe your sitting by your computer on a Saturday night just pining for whatever gibberish I have to spew all over this page. Maybe not.
Met my new son - your new cousin - today. He's a neat kid. Very nice. Well mannered. Runs all over the place. Pretty much your average and healthy three year old boy. He's got a great personality, he should fit in well here. He's got a raspy voice. He sounds like he's been smoking unfiltered cigarettes drinking whisky for decades. It's the kind of thing that's cute when a kid, not so cute when you're sixty. His foster family thinks he'll have a deep baritone voice when he grows up. I agree.
He's spending the day with us tomorrow. We have a lot of plans for what we could do, but he'll probably be so into our home and all his new brother's toys that he won't want to go anywhere. We'll see.
I cleaned the Gremlin for awhile today. I'm working on the dashboard and seats. There's a lot of scrubbing to do. I'm thinking about taking some automotive classes. Should be fun. I'm getting more fond of the car daily. Since I've been going through the car, I've found three knives hidden in various places. I think the previous owner may have been a bit paranoid. Whenever I pull out one of those camouflaged-handled beauties I smile a bit. The knives arent' expensive ones by any means. I think he may have gotten them in a package deal. I can just see the dude going out to his car and picking out the best places to put them.
I found the first one in the glove box, pretty standard spot. The other two were in pretty hard to reach areas tucked under the seating. It's funny to me, because if he were ever in any sort of trouble he would have to ask his assailant to wait a minute while he contorted his body enough to retrieve his defensive weapon.
Take it from your Uncle that whenever you have to ask an assailant to 'wait a minute' the answer will always be no.
Has your Grandpa given you a pocket knife yet? I think I had my first one when I was nine. It was a Swiss army knife that I got from my Uncle. I thought is was pretty cool. It had a knife, file, tweezers, toothpick and saw. I wish I still had it.
I don't know why you would want a camouflage knife anyway. What if you dropped it is dense foliage?
I really didn't intend this to be all about knives. Nice tangent. Next time I'm going to talk about flowers and bunnies.
I Love you much and miss you always,
              Uncle Justin

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