Monday, November 12, 2012


Dear Temple,
I hope this note finds you well and happy. Only ten days until Thanksgiving. I'm waiting for the Turkey's to go on sale here. I had an excellent weekend. My friend Ben and his son came down from Wisconsin to visit me. There were five kids (all boys) here and it was a very busy and fun time. We went to the zoo. I don't really know what to tell you about the zoo. I was thinking of saying something obvious like 'there were animals there', but that's kind of dumb. I could also say something like, 'it was zootastic!' but that doesn't really sound like something I would say. I don't get how some people like that kind of stuff. We had a zoorific time! HA HA HA - vomit.
We went to the zoo. We saw animals. It was nice.
The weather was really warm too. I think it's the last nice weather we're going to get until Spring. My friend picked a great time to visit.
We watched a movie called 'Monster Camp' about people who do live action role playing. My computer wasn't streaming well so we didn't finish it, but what we did see was pretty entertaining. I have mixed feelings about watching those kinds of movies. I think most people watch them because they get to make fun of nerds who are into things like live action role playing. Some of the people in the documentary seemed pretty lonely or stuck in life and people like to watch movies like that because it makes them feel better about their own lives when they see someone else struggle.
I'm not into live action role playing and I thought some of the things they did were kind of funny, but they really seemed to be having a lot of fun. Maybe they know something about getting enjoyment out of life that I don't. Then again, maybe they don't get enjoyment out of life so they make up a complete fantasy one to escape. Maybe I'm overthinking this.
Anyway, I liked the movie.
Your Aunt Crystal is off work today due to the holiday. It's nice having her here.
Elijah is doing his homeschool and the boys are playing in the living room. It should be a good day. We're getting rid of the roseback couch. I'll put it on craigslist today and hopefully someone will pick it up and get it out of our lives. It's a pretty couch but pretty doesn't mean comfortable. Besides we need the room for the boys.
The little ones worker extended the visits for the biological family so they will be gone for longer periods on their visit day. Soon they will probably have overnights. We'll see. Our new kid will stay with us again from Thursday to Sunday, I miss him already. We dropped him off yesterday evening.
I love you much and miss you always,
               Uncle Justin

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