Wednesday, November 14, 2012


Dear Temple,
I hope this note finds you well and happy. I already wrote you a letter today, but our Internet is having trouble keeping it's signal recently and I lost it. The letter was funny and engaging. I'm sure you would have liked it. I was very proud of it. But it's gone and we have to move on with our lives. I thought about re-writing it, but that's stupid. You will just have to keep living knowing that there is an awesome letter from your Uncle that you will never get to read. It's lost in cyberspace forever. It's almost worse for you since I know what it was and you can only ponder it's magnificence.
Well, maybe it wasn't THAT good, but I'm still a little miffed that it's gone. These letters don't grow on trees you know.
I think I'll write you about something else.
Last night I was driving home from my friend Jeffrey's house and was hit by a song that never fails to make me cry.When I heard it last night it made me cry again so it sill never fails. If, for some reason I listen to it in the future and it doesn't make me cry, I will have to change the 'never fails' to 'nearly always'. As of this writing, it never fails.
Anyway, the song is R.E.M.'s - Let Me In. I should preface this by letting you know that my sister Theresa is the number 1 R.E.M. fan of all time. She's been listening to them for as long as I can remember. As goes with siblings, since she liked them so much, I really didn't listen to them much. I always like the band, I was just never a super fan growing up - so it's only been recently that I've been listening to their music. It's been a very enjoyable experience.
About a year ago I was listening to them pretty much all the time and then they got relegated to some cupboard somewhere in the house and I listened to something else. Yesterday, I went into the recesses of the cupboard and took out the REM Monster CD. Let Me In is a later track on the CD and comes in all static and heavy - so at first listen, it sounds like a throwaway song.
Michael Stipe, the lead singer, comes in with some nonsense lyrics and you're about to hit the button to go the the next song, then the chorus hits. Stipe says the words "Hey, let me in" in such a vividly strong yet soft plea with so much emotion that you can't help but taken away with the feeling. I didn't know much about the song so I asked my sister about it and she told me that it was written by Michael Stipe to Kurt Cobain after his suicide.
Kurt Cobain was the lead singer of a group called Nirvana. It's very weird to me that I have to add that information. I must be getting old.
Anyway, the song speaks to me as a friend reaching out too late to another. It's a very sad and lost sound. It's also good lesson. I've been surprised continuously throughout life where I've felt very alone only to have found others who have lived through the same things I have, known exactly what I was going through and could tell me things were going to be okay. Whenever you feel that way, and we all do at some time or another, just give me a call.
I just might be able to help you,
I love you much and miss you always,
                 Uncle Justin
You can click the link below to listen to the song -

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