Saturday, September 22, 2012


Dear Temple,
I hope this note finds you well and happy. I've been thinking about things lately. Vague statement, I know, bear with your Uncle. Sometimes I go out on a tangent, follow it a while, and just leave it off somewhere. I like to think of it as endearing. Anyway, things are kind of interesting around here lately. Especially with the little ones we have at home. The little guys won't be staying with us forever, even though we'd like them too. It will be hard to let them go but we're trying to enjoy the time they are here.

Everything in this world has an end. As difficult as that can be, it's a fact. It's something we like to forget and we do most of the time. Then something happens and life as we used to know it has changed. Change is hard. Change is also a fact.

I think the boys leaving will be particularly hard on Elijah. He loves his brother's and I don't know how he will cope with them going. Your Aunt Crystal and I try to be as open as possible with Elijah. This way he'll have time to process the information and the change won't come as quite a shock. I'm sure he will be fine, but life is life and pain is pain. As much as I would like to shield him from the hurt of things, sometimes I just can't. There is a lesson in everything Temple. According to my experience you learn the most from the times you struggle.

Comfort teaches nothing. Maybe thankfulness - but you're usually only thankful when your not comfortable anymore and your thankfulness is nothing but wistful nostalgia.

Your Grandpa told me recently that you should try and learn something from every experience. He told me to always be on the lookout for new experiences and chances for learning. He's right - and I do try to pay attention while life zips by.

I always put it another way. When life makes you pay for living it - make sure you get what you pay for.

I love you and miss you very much,
                                     Uncle Justin

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