Tuesday, September 25, 2012


Dear Temple,
I hope this note finds you well and happy. Your Aunt Crystal is coming home today from her conference trip. Last night she asked me if I really missed her or if I only missed having help with the boys. She is a funny lady. Of course it was her that I missed more than what she does to ease my existence. It's good to reassure people. It would be a bad thing to be gone for a couple days and have people not notice. Believe me, I noticed.
The baby is able to pull himself up now. He's everywhere and into everything. I have to keep a lot of pillows around him because he topples over constantly. He is an intense and steadfast little guy. I like his spirit. I just wish he was a little bit of a happier kid. He has two moods; angry and not angry. He has a sleeping mood too. I don't know if you count sleeping as a mood. I do.
The toddler has a cold. Elijah complained before because he was a slobbery kid. With the cold he's now more like a typhoon. Hopefully, when he gets over it, Elijah will be thankful he's only dealing with spit.
I watched the movie The Grey last night. You can't watch it, you're too young and impressionable. I can - I'm old and impressionable. It's about some men who survive a plane crash and are now being hunted by wolves. The previews for the movie promised a good and manly action flick but I was pleasantly surprised that it was really more of a drama. Set a date for seven years from now and we'll check it out. I'll bring the popcorn. Don't stand me up.
The sky is clear right now but you can smell rain in the air. Looks like we're in for about a couple days of that. It will allow me to do what I love the most, watching the rain from my front porch and smoke a pipe (a filthy disgusting habit - editorial for Grandma).  Like most people I really enjoy doing what I love the most.
I love you much and miss you always,
                                              Uncle Justin

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